First Big Workplace Accomplishment

So, after a month and a half of tweaking and obsessing and working over every aspect, the Express is finally out! It was distributed last week during the all-staff meeting, and has been mailed out for all the world to see. So far, all the reviews have been positive and everyone generally likes the new features/changes. Here’s a quick summary of what I changed from the old format:

  • Made the thing shorter: my goal was to really shorten it, but I only managed to ax four pages this run. Next issue goal: four more pages.
  • Changed the format of the house and adult day program updates.
  • Changed (obviously) the writing style to something that had more brevity and clarity above the previous writer’s wordy, eloquent (*cough* overdone *cough*) writing style.
  • Changed the paper! It was a yellow-creme color that nobody seemed to be feeling anymore; so now it’s a light gray- very newspaper-esque!
  • Changed the format and content of the employee anniversary and donation sections.

So now what? Well…..let me pull out my trusty “Goals” list that I made for myself!


Uh….yeah. Where to start? The one thing I adore about my job is that I truly have to be good at planning and strategizing. So now I’m on to holiday giving/donations which involves a big holiday giving letter, some coordination of efforts to increase giving, and the ever continuing tasks of the website, grant research, and my currently sorely neglected PR campaign. (if you could call it a campaign…it’s more my personal mission to get this organization mentioned more frequently in the local media)

In other news, I am officially off probation (3 months) and am now a regular status (as in, I can use my leave) employee. My executive director wrote me a short but awesome email detailing that my work had been “exemplary” during the probationary period and that I had demonstrated “excellent writing skills, good organization skills, and work well with everyone”. She also said I was a “pleasure to work with”, which is just about the best way to start a rainy, cold Tuesday morning, if I do say so. 🙂


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