All right, listen, I swear I’m going to be more on top of this…

Wow. Many apologies for my long, long absence. My best defense is that I have been working (as I’m sure many have and are now “pffting” at me and rolling their eyes but really! very busy!!….*hangs head in shame*). However, I have newfound enthusiasm and zeal for this blog and my personal branding effort (fancy buzzwords eh?) thanks in large part to discovering many, many great non-profit professionals like myself who are out there blazing the trail for the rest of us; such as Rosetta Thurman, Allison Jones, Kivi Leroux Miller, etc.- check out my NEW blogroll updated with these lovely ladies!

So last time I left you I had just finished the first newsletter. Yipee! Let me quickly recap what I’ve been doing since October:

  • Holiday events planning
  • Holiday events volunteer coordinating- volunteer management is new to me but very intriguing!
  • Annual Report 2008
  • Supervised an intern in January (she was fab!)
  • Two BIIIIG grants
  • Professional development ’till I drop
  • Joining social media networks on behalf of org. (we got twitter!)
  • Planning opening event & invites & press materials.
  • Purchasing & implement e-mail marketing program

So yes. Busy, busy me has been churning out new materials and projects left and right. I’m most excited about our new logo (thanks to my friend Ash, graphic design wiz) that I’ve sort of subversively (but not really) made official by putting it on every new piece of material. It’s very “managing up” of me, but I’m determined to make the image of this org. cohesive, even if it kills me!

Currently I’m working on the new newsletter (egads, really? that time again?) and new addition opening event logistics. Also I am constantly working on self-improvement and looking at ways I can update, innovate, and create in a way that will push our mission and share with others what we are doing in the community. For those hopeful PR peeps reading this, this is where I cannot STRESS ENOUGH the need to get yourself out on the web and in the community and make connections, join groups, and follow news that pertains to your sector/profession (like Chronicle of Philanthropy, non-profit blogs, trade magazines, etc.) because I feel that my education truly began when I left college and actually started practicing my craft in the real world. Get a Google Reader and start searching for blogs; stay abreast of trends, check out your local Foundation Center for free or cheap classes, and most importantly, be brave enough to put yourself out there all the time. If you can’t do that, maybe you should check into another profession, because what I’ve learned so far, PR (and business in general) is all about developing and nurturing connections with like-minded people, and the only way to do that is to be available to make those connections!


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