New blog series: “How to create your organization’s outreach/communications “department”/strategy from scratch!”

OK, so maybe your strategy isn't going to look like this cake (although somedays I feel like it could, but that's just me), but you get the point!

Hello again!

After much life upheaval I’m re-settled into the “new normal” of my life and ready to crank out some PR/Communications/Development advice/rambling for your enjoyment!

When I started this blog, it was originally with the intent to share my experiences in what (at the time) I thought was a niche experience- I was effectively the manager of a “department” that had never existed in my organization before, and really starting all of our communications/outreach/volunteer management programs, processes, and activities from scratch. There’s gobs of information on the net from all sorts of sources about the varying techniques, tips, strategies, tools, etc. you could use for any of these areas, but it seemed to me there was very little that addressed what I was looking for: how to be effective on a virtually $0 budget, how to convince your management that these ideas/strategies would “pay out” in the long-term, and how to decide what would be best for my particular situation given my somewhat limited expertise/experience.

So I spent a year and a half charging through all these things, making some mistakes along the way, but also finding success in the different things I had decided to invest my time (and my org’s time) into. Unfortunately though, with all that charging, I had very little time for the blogging and I didn’t do much sharing with you. However, that’s about to change!

After some thought, I’ve decided to launch my first “series” on this blog, and it will be 2 solid weeks of non-stop “how to” posts. As the title indicates, the theme is “How to create your organization’s outreach/communications “department”/strategy from scratch!”, so there’s a few things you should keep in mind here:

  • These posts are geared towards PR/Comm/Development pros/staff at non-profit organizations (or small businesses, depending on your situation) who are literally starting with a blank slate.
  • Who are also starting with no “real” (think $1000 or less/year) budget for your tasks/job.

If you’ve got a big ol’ budget and Cision’s media database shortcut on your desktop, you’re probably going to feel like half the stuff I’ll say is a whole lot of running around for no good reason, but I didn’t have any tools or support systems in place when I started and after spending quite a lot of time with my nonprofit peers (thanks to YNPNdc and other networking adventures) I’ve come to believe I am/was not, in fact, a “niche” experience, so I want to put my story out there in the hopes that it might save the sanity of some other PR girl (or guy!) on a mission.

So, without further ado, here’s what you have to look forward to:

“Fumbling in the Dark? How to create a strategy for your org”

“Adventures in Volunteer Management: 5 things you should do RIGHT NOW if you plan on having volunteers at your org”

“Guerilla Media Relations”

“Marco? Polo? Establishing a network”

“Numbers and data and math, oh my! Development De-mystified”

I would so love to hear any suggestions for topics/questions you might have. Next up: “Fumbling in the Dark? How to create a strategy for your org”


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