PR Girl…still on a Mission

Hey there y’all. Well, it’s safe to say, it’s been a minute since I last updated this blog.

Being that I’m in public relations, I find myself wanting to give you the best, most honest and concise summary of my life and why the blogging fell apart, and why I abandoned this blog for so long. However, every good PR girl knows what information is necessary to move forward with a public and what information is erroneous and just confuses the argument further. So, after hemming and hawing over how to best dive back in to the blog, I decided to go about it this way.

The last two years of my life have been turbulent. I ended relationships that were dear to me and difficult to leave. The biggest one being my first job, the disabilities organization I reference in the previous posts. It’s never easy to decide to leave a job and move on to the greener pastures, but the decision for me was particularly difficult because it was made under duress and I struggled with whether I was really ready to move on from disabilities services as a field.

My health has been in jeopardy. I’ve struggled also with some major health issues in the last two years, which recently came to head as I was most recently hospitalized for myocarditis. Yeah, that’s a big ol’ word, and it pretty much means my heart muscle became inflamed. No good, y’all. No good at all. Thankfully, I caught this earlier, received excellent care at some stellar DC hospitals (big shout out to Washington Hospital Center!) and am heading towards full recovery. Lemme tell ya, nothing sets your priorities straight like near-heart failure.

My faith has become a major part of my life. I spent 18 months on a pastor nominating committee at my church, Rockville United Church, looking for a new pastor. You may be thinking, “18 months is a long time to pick a pastor.” Trust me, I thought so too. Turns out though, the process was making major changes to my heart and mind and faith in God. Changes that kept moving and shaking around in my life until recently. Some of you may know, I occasionally give God or my spirituality a shout out on Twitter. I have to admit, I’ve always been apprehensive about being fully open about my beliefs. This is in part because I’m all too aware of the barriers people put up when they think you’re coming at them from a Jesus place. So, I want to make clear that while I will likely be posting about my faith in the future, because it’s integral to why I do the work I do, I never intend nor wish to ram anything down anyone’s throat. Y’all are entitled to your own beliefs, your own thoughts, your own ways of living. All I ask (really, beg, actually) is that we respect each other in those spaces equally.

I’ve gained some clarity and some direction. When PR Girl on a Mission first started out, I intended to use it as a way to communicate my experiences as a newbie PR girl, fresh in my first role, struggling to make miracles happen on a non-existent budget. I learned a lot and along the way I began defining myself and the issues I care about. I’ve changed jobs, changed apartments, changed lives. I’ve gained some clarity and direction I had been seeking two years ago, when I fell away from this blog. I’m hoping that in the next few months, I can backtrack a little and catch you up to where I am now; still with the purpose of sharing this PR Girl’s efforts at communicating for good.

I’m still a PR Girl on a Mission, y’all. The mission looks different than it did when I started, but I’m feeling confident we’ll have a much more consistent conversation with one another, if you want to hang on and see what I’ve got to say.

Love love love,



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